quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

If Mickey were a girl he'd look nothing like Minnie

Beanie from Primark
flats from New Yorker
shirt from H&M
lace leggings from Poco a Poco (Japanese brand)

This is the outfit I wore today to school, I made the terrible mistake of going all spruced up yesterday, with jewellery, frilly socks, the whole shebang, and nearly died of heatstroke (forgive me for my dramatics) so today I kept it minimal to a fault, some people might find it boring but I quite like it.
I'm so bummed that the holidays are over, wish they were a bit longer, but on the bright side this term only lasts a month and a half, so it will hopefully go by quickly.
I enjoy going to school but I'm anxious to start uni next year so the faster this school year ends the better, I'll miss my friends, but almost everyone is going to Lisbon for uni anyways, and it's not like it's a big country.

Is there a country where the temperature is 17º C all year 'round? Because if there is, I'm moving there.

Este é o conjunto que vesti hoje para as aulas, cometi o terrivel erro de it toda arranjada ontem, acessórios, meias de folhos, enfim a trabalha toda, e quase ia morrendo de insolação (desculpem o dramatismo), por isso hoje mantive as coisas simples, até demais, algumas pessoas podem achar aborrecido, mas eu até gosto.
Tenho tanta pena que as férias tenham acabado, gostava que tivessem sido maiores, mas pelo menos este perido só dura mês e meio, por isso vai passar depressa.
Gosto de ir para a escola, mas estou anciosa para começar a Universidade para o ano, portanto quanto mais depressa este ano escolar acabar melhor. Vou ter saudades dos meus amigos, mas o país não é propriamente grande, e de qualquer maneira quase toda a gente vai estudar para Lisboa.

Há algum país onde a temperatuda média seja 17º o ano todo? Porque se houver mudo-me para lá.


sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

studs, lace, leather and feathers

In case you're wondering, that gorgeous blonde wearing the gaultier dress is actually male top model Andrej Pejic.

quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

navy stripes

 dress from H&M
thigh high socks from Poco a Poco (Japanese brand)
brogues from Sango (Japanese brand)
necklace from my grandmother
scarf from thrift shop
braided belt from zara

 To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I feel about this outfit, I mean, I like it, I just don't think it looks that good on me, maybe it's the horizontal stripes, they broaden my figure a tad more than what I'd like. Also, straight-ish hair, even though my unruly wavey mane would probably look better with this ensemble, meh to hell with it.
I'm absolutely hooked on Hell's Kitchen, I think it's the best reality show I've ever seen, also chef Ramsay's accent is to die for, the weird thing is that I hate cooking, other than toast my culinary abilities are null. I'm definitely not housewife material...not that I am complaining.

Para ser sincera não tenho a certeza do que acho deste conjunto, gosto dele, mas ao mesmo tempo acho que não me fica bem, talvez sejam as listras horizontais, tornam-me mais larga do que gostaria. Além disso, cabelo mais ou menos liso, apesar de achar que a minha trunfa cheia de ondas provavelmente ficava melhor com este conjunto, meh que se lixe.
Estou absolutamente viciada em Hell's Kitchen, acho que é o melhor reality show que alguma vez vi, já para não dizer que o sotaque do chef Ramsey é maravilhoso, o estranho é que odeio cozinhar, para além de tostas as minhas habilidades culinárias são nulas. Definitivamente não sou uma boa dona de casa...não que me esteja a queixar.


segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

eye of the tiger

Studded denim jacket from Mango
cropped top from H&M
DIY ripped jeans from Zara
creepers by demonia
stud cross necklace from durer
feather necklace from zara

Thankfully the weather was much nicer today, it even rained! I didn't do much today, just run some errands and other than that stayed home reading (my favourite guilty pleasure),  and playing game boy colour, I'm a bit of a nerd, one of my favourite genres is sci-fi, and I'm obsessed with Torchwood, crappy special FX and all!

Felizmente o tempo esteve muito melhor hoje, até choveu! Não fiz grande coisa o dia todo, fiquei em casa a ler e a jogar game boy colour. Sou um bocado nerd, um dos meus generos favoritos é ficcão científica e sou obcecada por Torchwood, mesmo com efeitos especiais terríveis.

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

lemon sherbet

pastel yellow blouse from a thrift shop
scarf also from a thrift shop
liquid leggings from zara
rings and necklace from primark
shoes from visualia (japanese brand)
bag from primark

It was far too hot outside for this outfit, but I didn't feel like changing so I went trough the day wearing it. How I regret it! It's barely spring and already the weather is scorching hot, I can tell it's going to be a miserable summer.
My best friend left today for Germany and Austria for the holidays so I slept over at her house yesterday, we ate far too many donuts, stayed up late keeping up with the newest gossip, and watching old seasons of How I met your mum, the usual. Should have taken some pictures, but then again, maybe not.

Esteve demasiado calor hoje para usar este conjunto, mas como não me apeteceu trocar de roupa, usei-o o dia todo, arrependo-me redondamente! A primavera mal começou e já faz um calor infernal, estou a ver que o verão vai ser horrível.
A minha melhor amiga partiu hoje de férias para a Alemanha e Aústria por isso dormi ontem na casa dela, comemos demasiados donuts e ficámos acordadas até tarde a manter a cusquice em dia e a ver temporadas antigas de Foi assim que aconteceu. Devia ter tirado algumas fotos, mas pensando bem, talvez não.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Lusting after...

lusting after

a chain harness
a lace shawl 
gray high waisted skirt
lace bustier
and circle glasses

terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

"The curves of your lips rewrite history"

I'm not a movie critic, in fact I don't even appreciate movies all that much. For me they are mostly cheap thrills, when compared to books, I like some more than others but all in all they only serve purpose as long as they entertain me, but sometimes along comes a movie, or a couple of movies, that I truly enjoy, these movies are usually underrated and under appreciated which really bothers me, I want the things I love to be valued, and their quality assessed by many.
So I decided to share with you two of my favourite films, and these ones in particular, hold interest for the time period they portray, namely the 70's and 80's.

I love the fashion of that time, (not to mention the music, I blame my father for being nostalgic and keeping all of his records), the clothes were just so bold, the make-up outrageous, and everyone looked so androgynous, it made for some pretty crazy looks I can't help to love, even if I wouldn't dare to wear half of them. I think people back then were a lot more fashion forward, they played with colours, patterns and textures and didn't give a rat's ass about what everyone else thought of them. In a sense I think that's what I like so much about both these movies, the sense of freedom and irreverence, a certain apathy for everything and society and its norms in particular.

Velvet Goldmine I watched a few years ago, and I was taken by it from the very beginning, mainly because it starts with a young Oscar Wilde saying he wants to be a "pop idol" and in someways that's exactly what he was, a pop idol of literature, the very first one! After that bold statement there was no turning back, I knew I was gonna love this film.

 Brian Slade when he was a mod, before stardom as the glam rock king (those shoeeeeees, yes please)

 Curt Wild, and his amazing leopard jacket

 It's about David Bowie and Iggy Pop, but they decided do call them Brian Slade and Curt Wild instead. The cast is absolutely amazing, Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Slade, Toni Collete as Mandy Slade, Ewan McGregor as Curt Wilde and Christian Bale as Arthur Stuart. I won't summarise the movie, you'll find perfectly decent summaries if you google it, I'll just say it's amazing and you'll regret it if you don't watch it, besides, the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and Rhys Meyers sings most of the songs, seeing as the film is a musical, that shouldn't be very surprising, I just didn't know he sang, he apparently does...

 And people wonder why I don't find Lady Gaga amazing...

Worried about the boy I saw a few weeks ago, and it tells the story of Boy George, lead singer of Culture Club and solo performer once the band broke up. I love Culture Club, and I think my dad collected all of the records they ever produced, he doesn't want to admit it but he had a major crush on Boy George back in the 80's, but then again who didn't?
Douglas Booth, who plays Boy George is simply amazing, he really managed to capture the essence of the character and the era.
Freddie Fox who plays Marilyn ( a transvestite and Marilyn Monroe impersonator, also one of the Boy's best friends) was also amazing and I loved his character to pieces, she had some of the outfits I loved the most.

Gorgeous Marilyn, I love the whole outfit, and I need that goth waist belt now

   I love his make up, his hair and every bloody thing!

That's all for now, this was supposed to be a simple inspiration post, but as always I got carried away, still hope you enjoyed it...

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Trip to Tokyo

So here are some of the pictures I took when I went to Tokyo. I'm rubbish at taking pictures while travelling because my main focus is to see everything in the short time I have, a week in Tokyo was definitely not enough! I'm always running around and hurrying everyone else, it can be quite annoying but I can't help it, I feel like the white Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, constantly out of time. And that's why I take very few pictures, I only took 500, which is almost nothing compared to the amount some of my friends have. It just takes me forever to shoot a decent picture, and I get annoyed with the amount of time I'm wasting, so I rather take none and just commit everything to memory.

Tokyo tower, some 20 meters away from our hotel

 Zojoji temple, again within walking distance from our hotel, Tokyo most like London is a very walkable city, I could walk for hours without getting tired, unlike Lisbon with her seven hills that make it a pain to walk from point A to point B.
 Night sky view from Tokyo Tower
 It snowed on Monday! We were all so excited, it rarely snows in Portugal and when it does it's only in the northern region, the last time it snowed in Lisbon was some six years ago, and before that it hadn't snowed in eleven years. We had to walk from the subway station to the NHK studios, and it snowed non stop during that time, it was bliss.
Cute furry dolls at the NHK headquarters.
Japanese television is so different from Europe, everything is bright and colorful, and we actually enjoyed watching the ads, also the shows were incredibly stupid and cute. The first thing I did everyday when I got to my room was switch on the tv and see if I could catch a soap opera we were hooked on, akb48, but we soon realized it must only broadcast on Sundays, since that was the only day we could watch it. Some friends later bought the manga in Akihabara, and realized it involved cross-dressing boys, a sort of  music academy and girls groping each other, our fondness for it only grew after this discovery.
 Partial view of Harajuku station, clearly not Sunday as you can see by the lack of bright colorful people. I was really bummed we didn't get to see it in its full glory. We ended up staying another Sunday because of the earthquake but we were rationing our money, so we didn't use the subway and it was too far away from our hotel to get there on foot, or so my teacher said.

 Suddenly ravens...thousands of them. They were quite a common feature in Tokyo, and unlike in western culture they bring good luck, I could barely sleep on the first night thanks to their crowing, but I eventually got used to it, and I am now very fond of them.
 Residential areas in Tokyo, this reminded me so much of Doraemon, we found a house that looked just like Nobita's but I didn't get to take a picture since we were in a hurry to get to Tokyo University, later we realized it was only fifteen minutes away from Shibuya.

 Old buildings inside the University campus, we had so much fun there, the teachers that welcomed us were great, they gave us a tour around the campus, and tried to scout us to study there. I'll definitely apply, you know its true love when after an  earthquake, tsunami and radioactive spill you still want to go back.
Uni students playing lacrosse

 Asakusa, perfect for buying souveniers
 Shibuya at night, it was extremely hard to take pictures since the streets were so crowded. I loved it there, it was definitely the heart of Tokyo, and home to the famous Shibuya crossing, 109 and Hachiko's statue.
 We also visited a junior highschool while there, and they were kind enough to go to school on holiday. The reception was amazing, they sang some traditional Japanese songs and played the flute wonderfully, I even teard up a little from the sheer beauty of it. Later we had lunch with them in the classroom and it was so much fun, only few spoke English but we managed, for some reason they found it amazing that we watched anime and knew so much about their pop culture.
From left to right: Joana, me and Catarina

 Imperial gardens, where the junior high students we visited usually hold sport tournments, since the gardens are whitin walking distance from their school

Hama-rikyu gardens, where we had tea in a traditional Japanese tea-house, their tea is soooo good, I usually don't like tea, but their tea won me over almost as much as the food did. I used to like Chinese food better than Japanese before goingo to Japan, but I'm not so sure now, they are both so delicious.
 Odaiba, seen from the ferry.

Ginza, the Monday after the earthquake, life was slowly returning to normal in Tokyo.
When the quake hit we were all separated in three groups for last minute shopping, I was in Akihabara, some of us were  in the Tokyo Tower, and the rest was in Ginza.
I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty frightning seeing all the buildings shaking as if they were made of straw, but the rational part of my brain kept telling me that they were supposed to do that.
After the initial shock everything calmed down a bit and we just wanted to assure our families that we were all alright, we still didn't know anything about the tsunami while they did, and were worried sick even though Sendai was far from Tokyo. After that our only fear was the imminence of a nuclear disaster, it was heart-wrenching seeing Japan go through this, it felt so surreal, like it couldn't possibly be happening there. I left on Wednesday with the first group, and I cried on the bus to the airport because it felt wrong leaving a country I loved in that situation, as silly as it may sound I wanted to stay and help out. The other group left on Thursday and we had a very sentimental reunion on the Airport in Lisbon. Through all this the Portuguese embassy in Tokyo did everything they could to get us accommodation and a flight back, they were great and I think I speak for everyone in the group when I say we'll never forget what they did for us.
I won't ever forget Japan and the Japanese either, it was the trip of a lifetime and I know I'll return, maybe even for good, who knows...
Meanwhile try to help and donate to the Japanese red cross, it doesn't matter the amount, every cent counts.
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