quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

May all your days be bright

 playsuit/ H&M
tights/ Primark
boots/ Anarchy
pearl necklace/ vintage
silver necklace/ Primark
satin jacket/ H&M
This week has been incredibly boring, I went out with my dad and brother in the hopes of catching a nice movie, but there was nothing interesting enough, and I'm saving the last Harry Potter to watch with my best friend, HP is kinda a big deal for us, we play text-based rpg about the Potterverse today still, long story short we ended doing a bit of shopping, I love shopping, but I really wanted to watch a movie, so I ended up a little bummed out. I've been studying to my final exam which is tiring, not to mention boring. But I'm going out with some friends this Friday, something simple, probably a quiet bar, studying and hangover don't quite match. Besides studying I've been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic like a bad habit, that's what you get from spending too much time on memebase, I just wanted to know what all the hype was about, and ended up being sucked right in.

sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Fuck it, break out and be

shirt/ bershka
tshirt/ zara men's section
shorts/ H&M
fishnet tights/ H&M
shoes/ creepers

I think grunge was the best the 90's left us, at least fashion wise, it's so umbelievably uncomplicated, I only wish my shorts had oil stains for the look to be truly complete.
I'm bored, there's not much going on right now. Pride was so awesome, why does it only happen once a year? I guess the best things always do.
I want to grow my hair out but it's driving me crazy, I like either short hair or long hair, medium lenght  just annoys me, I have to control myself not to cut it again...gah, any of you know any good tips to make hair grow faster?

Acho que o grunge foi o melhor que os anos 90 nos deixaram, pelo menos é termo de moda, é tão simples, só queria que os meus calções tivessem manchas de óleo para o look estar completo.
Estou aborrecida, não há nada de interessante para fazer. O arrial Pride foi fantástico, porque é que só acontece uma vez por ano? 
Quero deixar o cabelo crescer, mas está a dar comigo em doida. Gosto de cabelo curto ou comprido, intermédio nem por isso, tenho de me controlar para não o cortar outra vez...,gah, alguém sabe de truques úteis para ajudar o cabelo a crescer mais rápido?

sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Electricity wires are down, rainbow colours fade into brown

 top/ Primark
shorts/ H&M
shoes/ All Star
watch/ vintage casio

I'm one of those people who believes All Sars weren't made to be washed, so I never did. I probably had them for four years, they're not too shabby considering how much I've worn them. They tell stories, I should have taken a close up so you could see all the writing on them, basically bands, anime characters, and silly things written by friends, that consist mainly of how irresistible they are and how badly I want to do them.
 Also, I've been liestening to Jónsi , love, love his songs, my current favourites are Lilikoi Boy and Animal Arithmetic

Eu sou o tipo de pessoa que acha que os All Stars não devem ser lavados, por isso nunca o fiz. Tenho-os provavelmente à quatro anos, não estão assim tão arruinados considerando o uso que tiveram.
Contam histórias, devia ter tirado uns close ups para lerem o que está escrito, basicamente bandas, personagens de anime, e coisas tolas escritas por amigos/as que consistem do quão irresistiveis eles são e o quanto eu quero saltar-lhes em cima.
  Tenho estado a ouvir Jónsi, adoro, adoro as músicas dele, as minhas favoritas são Lilikoi Boy e Animal Arithmetic.
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