sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes

top/ Primark
leggings/ Primark
scarf/ vintage
shoes/ vintage
watch/ vintage casio
ring and tassle necklace/ Primark
feather necklace/ Zara

I've been so busy  this week, hence not updating nor answering all your lovely comments; two exams down, two more to go, but those are only in the end of July so I can breath for a while. I didn't realize how late exam season was in Portugal until I started blogging, then again our school year starts quite late, and we have massive holidays. Besides stressing over exams, that weren't even all that hard, I re-discovered my love for Angry Birds, went on a diet, dropped said diet, had a very heated discussion about politics with friends, in a cafe filled to the brim with people who couldn't care less, and were very vocal about what they thought, started writing again, considered changing my cigarette brand, only to change my mind right after when I realized that John Player is the only man I'll ever love.
Was your week as amazingly thrilling as mine?

Estive super ocupada esta semana, daí não ter feito updates nem respondido aos vossos comentários; dois exames feitos, mais dois para fazer, mas essas são só no fim de Julho por isso posso respirar até lá. Não fazia ideia do quão tarde é a época de exames em Portugal até começar o blog, mas por outro lado o nosso ano escolar começa mais tarde e temos férias enormes.
Para além de stressar com exames, que nem sequer foram muito dificeis, re-descobri o meu amor por Angry Birds, comecei uma dieta, desisti da dieta, tive uma discussão acessa sobre política num café cheio de gente que não queria saber, e não tinha quaisquer pruridos em dizê-lo, comecei a escrever outra vez, considerei mudar de marca de cigarros, mas mudei de opinião quando percebi que o John Player é o homem da minha vida.
A vossa semana foi tão incrívelmente interessante como a minha?

quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

burn my sweet effigy

 headband/ bought it in Trocadero shopping centre
skirt/ bershka
socks/ Primark
shoes / Sango (japanese brand)

This outfit was solely inspired by the shirt, I bought it months ago and never got to wear it, today I found it laying in the back of my closet and figured it was a day as good as any other to wear it. It has a very awkward cut so it can only be worn tucked in, to be completely honest I don't know how I feel about the whole outfit, too much pink, I'm kinda regretting the socks...but oh well. I should be revising for the exams, but I'm procrastinating which is typical. The only bright light in my horizon is Arraial Pride (the party before pride parade which is the weekend after), which I'm finally attending this year, the 25th can't come fast enough.

sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

'Till we meet again

 headband / bershka
necklace / street fair
sweater / Rose Fan Fan (Japanese brand)
shorts / H&M
sandals/ Zara

Yesterday was my last school day, I'm now done with Highscool, excited to start uni, but I know it will be awkward in the beginning without the people I came to depend on this last three years. I'll miss them like crazy, we had so much fun together, and it was amazing how a group of such different people managed to build such a solid relationship. This isn't goodbye as I'm sure we'll see each other again, but it won't be as often, and it won't be the same thing. I'll also miss my teachers, especially my Art History teacher, who is one of the most amazing women I've met.

 Ontem foi o meu útlimo dia de aulas, acabei oficialmente o secundário, estou anciosa para começar a universidade, mas sei que vai ser estranho no ínicio sem as pessoas com quem convivi estes últimos três anos. Vou ter imensas saudades deles, divertimo-nos imenso, e é íncrível como um grupo de pessoas tão diferentes desenvolveu a realção que a minha turma tem. Não é uma despedida, porque vamos ver-nos de novo, mas não será tão frequente, e não vai ser a mesma coisa. Também vou ter saudades dos meus professores, especialmente da minha professora de História da Arte, que é uma das mulheres mais fantásticas que já conheci.

domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

Will the swallows come again?

 shorts/ H&M
shirt, hat, necklace and shoes/ Primark

This is what I wore today when I went out with my best friend for some ice cream. There was a local Carnival around here the other day and she stayed over after we came back, we met up with some friends and had loads of fun, these kind of amusement fairs are very tacky, but when you're with friends even camping in your own backyard is fun.
Thank you to all of you who suggested books in my previous post, I really appreciate it!
Also do you prefer the photos, this size, or smaller like I usually post them? Let me know.

Isto foi o que usei hoje quando fui com a minha melhor amiga comer gelados. Houve uma feira popular na minha zona, no outro dia, e depois de voltarmos ela ficou a dormir na minha casa, encontramo-nos com amigos e divertimo-nos imenso, este tipo de feiras é super piroso mas quando estamos com amigos até acampar no quintal é divertido.
Obrigada a todos aqueles que sugeriram livros no meu post anterior! Já agora, preferem as fotos deste tamanho ou mais pequenas como posto normalmente?

quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free

top/ DIY from Zara's men section
skirt / Bershka
tights/ Primark
crochet waistcoat/ Primark
shoes/ creepers
rings/ everything from H&M but the silver one which was my grandma's
cross necklace / Durer (bought in Japan)
handcuff necklace / souvenir from my scene days can't remember where it's from
coin necklace / Zara

Not much to say, I have an extended weekend before school ends next week and then it's time for revisions for the exams, not looking forward to that at all.
I'm out of books to read, and it's  driving me crazy, it seems I can't find anything interesting these days. I don't like romance, I hate feel-good books where everything is rose tinted, I hate vampires/werewolves/aliens and westerns. I love Historical novels, crime fiction, biographies adapted to fiction (the dancer!). I already red everything Oscar Wilde, Marguerite Yourcenar, Mary Renault and Agatha Christie ever wrote so those are out, also the Harry Potter collection over six times. Do you have any suggestions?

Não tenho muito para dizer, este fim-de-semana é prolongado e para a semana a escola acaba e começam as revisões, não me apetece nada!
Estou sem livros para ler, parece que não consigo encontrar nada interessante estes dias. Odeio livros românticos, odeio literatura light, odeio vampiros/lobisomens/alianas e westerns. Adoro, Romance Histórico, policiais, biografias adaptadas a ficção (O Bailarino!).
Já li tudo o que Oscar Wilde, Marguerite Yourcenar, Mary Renault e Aagatha Christie alguma vez escreveram, por isso esses estão fora, também já li todos os Harry Potters mais de 6 vezes. Tem alguma sugestão?
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