quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

Thought you could do anything here's your rude awakening

 tee/ vintage from my dad
shorts/ H&M
flats/ New Yorker

I'm terribly sorry for my prolonged absence, but I had final exams and once those were done with I just wanted to spend some time with my friends, which left me with no time to blog. But I had so much fun these past days, on Sunday I went with some friends to a free Joss Stone concert in Lisbon and to watch part 2 of the Deathly Hallows, let me tell you, I  hadn't had that much fun in a while. Firstly James Potter, when slightly blurred out looked so much like a Portuguese comedian (José Diogo Quintela) that me and my friends went in an hysterical fit of  laughter that annoyed everyone around us, other than that we just laughed at the inaccuracies and the like, a lot of fun really. Then we went for a stroll in Chiado before the concert, we were in Brown's coffee shop when we spot what looks like Ashley Stymest, I tell you the resemblance was uncanny, down to the hip/grungy style Ash sports to the piercings and tattoos! I had the biggest fan-girl attack ever, even though part of my brain kept telling me "he's gay you're making a fool of yourself", well, we didn't care we were searching for a piece of paper to ask for his autograph when we listen closely and hear him speak in perfect Portuguese, as far as any of us knew Ash didn't speak Portuguese fluently but stranger things have happened, but then he gets up and all our hopes crumble when we realize he isn't as stick thin as Ashley nor as tall, we then had to face the harsh truth. Well he was still a gorgeous boy and we looked our fill, he was basking in our attention and looking smug, no one looks that much like a famous person without knowing, he's probably used to random people mistaking him for Ashley all the time.
Joss Stone's concert was a disappointment to be honest, not because she doesn't have an amazing voice but because her music doesn't really make you want to move, or do anything for that matter. X-wife however were amazing, I loved every second of their performance! And that's all for now, I'll be going in holiday shortly even though I have no idea where, we'll see...then there's Avante the comunist party summer festival I'll be attending with some friends, can't wait for that either! Anyways I shall resume the usual posting scheadual.
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