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"The curves of your lips rewrite history"

I'm not a movie critic, in fact I don't even appreciate movies all that much. For me they are mostly cheap thrills, when compared to books, I like some more than others but all in all they only serve purpose as long as they entertain me, but sometimes along comes a movie, or a couple of movies, that I truly enjoy, these movies are usually underrated and under appreciated which really bothers me, I want the things I love to be valued, and their quality assessed by many.
So I decided to share with you two of my favourite films, and these ones in particular, hold interest for the time period they portray, namely the 70's and 80's.

I love the fashion of that time, (not to mention the music, I blame my father for being nostalgic and keeping all of his records), the clothes were just so bold, the make-up outrageous, and everyone looked so androgynous, it made for some pretty crazy looks I can't help to love, even if I wouldn't dare to wear half of them. I think people back then were a lot more fashion forward, they played with colours, patterns and textures and didn't give a rat's ass about what everyone else thought of them. In a sense I think that's what I like so much about both these movies, the sense of freedom and irreverence, a certain apathy for everything and society and its norms in particular.

Velvet Goldmine I watched a few years ago, and I was taken by it from the very beginning, mainly because it starts with a young Oscar Wilde saying he wants to be a "pop idol" and in someways that's exactly what he was, a pop idol of literature, the very first one! After that bold statement there was no turning back, I knew I was gonna love this film.

 Brian Slade when he was a mod, before stardom as the glam rock king (those shoeeeeees, yes please)

 Curt Wild, and his amazing leopard jacket

 It's about David Bowie and Iggy Pop, but they decided do call them Brian Slade and Curt Wild instead. The cast is absolutely amazing, Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Slade, Toni Collete as Mandy Slade, Ewan McGregor as Curt Wilde and Christian Bale as Arthur Stuart. I won't summarise the movie, you'll find perfectly decent summaries if you google it, I'll just say it's amazing and you'll regret it if you don't watch it, besides, the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and Rhys Meyers sings most of the songs, seeing as the film is a musical, that shouldn't be very surprising, I just didn't know he sang, he apparently does...

 And people wonder why I don't find Lady Gaga amazing...

Worried about the boy I saw a few weeks ago, and it tells the story of Boy George, lead singer of Culture Club and solo performer once the band broke up. I love Culture Club, and I think my dad collected all of the records they ever produced, he doesn't want to admit it but he had a major crush on Boy George back in the 80's, but then again who didn't?
Douglas Booth, who plays Boy George is simply amazing, he really managed to capture the essence of the character and the era.
Freddie Fox who plays Marilyn ( a transvestite and Marilyn Monroe impersonator, also one of the Boy's best friends) was also amazing and I loved his character to pieces, she had some of the outfits I loved the most.

Gorgeous Marilyn, I love the whole outfit, and I need that goth waist belt now

   I love his make up, his hair and every bloody thing!

That's all for now, this was supposed to be a simple inspiration post, but as always I got carried away, still hope you enjoyed it...

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