domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Favourite pieces of jewellery

I love jewellery, it can brighten up a boring outfit, make a seemingly strange combination of fabrics and colours look fabulous and I think it's overall the glue that binds fashion together.
I love necklaces and rings the most, only rarely do I wear bracelets and earrings, I do love piercings but those don't count as earrings, I believe, and since one of my ears is gouged I can only wear one earring which is usually a pearl of some kind. 
I get most of my jewellery from Primark, H&M and Zara, or they are hand-me-downs from family members or something I got from a Vintage fair or flea market.

These are the rings I find myself wearing the most, except for the one with the black gem and the double finger ring, that are both from Primark, everything else is from H&M.

 Pearl necklaces I got from my grandmother
 Massive rocker-ish silver necklace I got from Primark
 Gold necklace with really unique links I got from my mum
 Gold and silver brooch from my grandmother
 Dainty necklace with a bear on air balloon pendant that I got from H&M
 Gold and teardrop pearl earring I got from my great aunt

Casio chrome watch I got from a flea market

I forgot to include this gold swallow necklace I got from Primark.

And that's all for now,

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  1. I lovelovelove those 80´s Casio-Watches...<3

    Check out if you like:


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