quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

If Mickey were a girl he'd look nothing like Minnie

Beanie from Primark
flats from New Yorker
shirt from H&M
lace leggings from Poco a Poco (Japanese brand)

This is the outfit I wore today to school, I made the terrible mistake of going all spruced up yesterday, with jewellery, frilly socks, the whole shebang, and nearly died of heatstroke (forgive me for my dramatics) so today I kept it minimal to a fault, some people might find it boring but I quite like it.
I'm so bummed that the holidays are over, wish they were a bit longer, but on the bright side this term only lasts a month and a half, so it will hopefully go by quickly.
I enjoy going to school but I'm anxious to start uni next year so the faster this school year ends the better, I'll miss my friends, but almost everyone is going to Lisbon for uni anyways, and it's not like it's a big country.

Is there a country where the temperature is 17º C all year 'round? Because if there is, I'm moving there.

Este é o conjunto que vesti hoje para as aulas, cometi o terrivel erro de it toda arranjada ontem, acessórios, meias de folhos, enfim a trabalha toda, e quase ia morrendo de insolação (desculpem o dramatismo), por isso hoje mantive as coisas simples, até demais, algumas pessoas podem achar aborrecido, mas eu até gosto.
Tenho tanta pena que as férias tenham acabado, gostava que tivessem sido maiores, mas pelo menos este perido só dura mês e meio, por isso vai passar depressa.
Gosto de ir para a escola, mas estou anciosa para começar a Universidade para o ano, portanto quanto mais depressa este ano escolar acabar melhor. Vou ter saudades dos meus amigos, mas o país não é propriamente grande, e de qualquer maneira quase toda a gente vai estudar para Lisboa.

Há algum país onde a temperatuda média seja 17º o ano todo? Porque se houver mudo-me para lá.


24 comentários:

  1. adorei a tshirt! :)
    17ºC o ano todo? era perfeito...:p

  2. Olá! Não acho o look nada simples e muito menos aborrecido. Pelo contrário, acho-o até bem estiloso. Gosto das sabrinas! Adoro sabrinas!!!
    Beijinhos! :)

  3. Nada de simplicidade!
    Amo a shirt e os leggins são fantásticos <33


  4. Great shirt! And I agree that simple is better for school days!

    x x Michelle

  5. Minimal yet chic! Love the top, and your eyeliner is perfect x

  6. whoever thinks this is boring is crazy! I love this! you look lovely!

    and omg, seeing your nose piercing makes me miss mine so much! :( I took it off because I was bored and a few minutes later, it was closed! biggest mistake of my life. it suits you well!


  7. @Julie Iliana
    Thank you!
    I've had it for almost two years now, and every day I fall a little bit more in love with it, cartillage heals very quickly, and thanks to that I'm down to 8 piercings in my ears instead of the original 12, so I'm very admant about never removing it.
    If you miss it that much, you should pierce it again, I'm sure you'll agree it's well worth the pain :D

  8. ah lovely photos! i love your tee

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!

  9. I am LOVING this outfit, it is so fantastic!! I'm loving your makeup as well :)
    Definitely following!
    Have a great day!

  10. Love thsi look you look lovely and the top is gorgeous adorei x


  11. love the Mickey Mouse shirt...too cute...and most importantly I love your blog's template....awesome job...great images...its nice and clean..and great to navigate through...i look foward to visiting your blog on a regular.


  12. very cute look. ...

    i have the same flowered flats...but i can't find them thid time!!!


  13. gorgeous leggings. Love your nose ring too.

    Helen, X

  14. love leggings .....http://meryfreefashion.blogspot.com

  15. i love this outfit so cute xoxo

  16. OMG you look so cute! Love your top!


  17. This is a really cute, everyday look!

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J



  18. Cute outfit! I love your top and the print on your flats is too cute :) xo


  19. Nice shoes!! ;)

    xx Alexandra



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