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Japan Haul

Last month I visited Japan with my school's journalism club, and it was perfect; for years now I've been obsessed with Japan, and finally going there was just amazing.
That being said, we were in Tokyo when the earthquake hit, it was our last day there but of course our stay got extended since all the flights got cancelled. I'll write a post telling everything about the trip, maybe even later today with pictures and details about the places we visited. Of course the earthquake put a damper in our moods, but not because we were particularly scared for our lives, we just worried about people in the most affected areas, and of course about everyone we met in Tokyo, thankfully they were all okay, since the damage in Tokyo was nearly none.

I also got to do a tiny bit of shopping, not much though, since we were running on a very tight schedule.
I got everything below from a shopping centre in Shibuya called ichi maru kyu (109), it's a really popular place and has landmark status, everything was lovely if a bit overpriced, it was almost impossible to find something cheaper than five thousand yen, but I managed! It was funny though, because Japanese shop employees are really different from those in Europe, while here they either ignore you or ask if you need any help and then leave you to do your shopping in peace, in Japan they are quite overwhelming, they crowd you and positively screech in your ears, most of them can't speak English but they don't let the linguistic barrier stop them, they keep smiling and talking, all the while acting as if you were understanding everything. I didn't mind though, they were lovely to look at, and dressed head to toe in the shop's clothing, so while they talked non stop I just took my fill and ogled them.

This gorgeous knit sweater I got from a shop called Rose Fan Fan, Engrish in its best, but all the clothes there were lovely, and with only two hours to buy everything, I had a hard time choosing. It's one size fits all, and really baggy, which is how I like most of my tops, they look very flattering as long as you pair them with tight bottoms.
 3250 yen, €26.51

I can't remember the name of the place I got this one from, but I recall it was on the 7th floor, which is pretty useless, I apologize.
I had been looking for something like this for quite awhile, I love how grungy it looks. The back and arms are also ripped, again one size fits all, not as baggy as the first one, but still pretty loose.
2940 yen, €23.98

This gorgeous stud cross necklace I got from a shop called Durer, it's medium length and hits a little below my collarbones
1550 yen, €12.64

  This pair of heeled brogues I actually got from a shop just outside 109, they are by a brand called Sango
3490 yen, €28.47 

Last, but definitely not least, this pair of heeled Oxfords I fell in love with, even though they are a pain to walk in, they have a hidden platform on the front that should make them more comfortable, but alas it doesn't and after only few hours my feet are screaming for flip flops. I got them from a shop named Visualia
5930 yen, €48.37

That's all for my small haul, as I said I'll probably write a post about my visit to Japan.
I haven't been keeping up with the news, because they are just so painful to watch, it breaks my heart every time that the Japanese are going through all this, they must be some of the nicest people on earth and I sincerely hope everything will be alright.

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